i am considering just taking off when my next set of checks come in. just leaving the country. just leaving without notice–not telling anyone. well maybe my parents so they don’t think I’m dead. considering going to live in the english countryside or some island for a little while. my credit is already fucked what does it matter. i have no boyfriend, nobody here that cares about me except a few friends (who are all in relationships) and really all my life is is a series of quick encounters with other human beings that never amounts to more than a one night stand or somebody i don’t want to hang out with or see again. my work limits me from being able to build strong friendships with anyone. but it pays pretty well so i can’t really see what else I would do. except work as a bartender in some english pub and take care of horses and fuck the hot dude who’s house i’d be living in. that sounds fine to me. better than the isolated polluted dysfunctional consumption focused anxiety riddled excuse for a life i live now.