I had some years ago a girlfriend which I didn´t love at all except, you know, once when we had intimate relations. then I wasn´t a virgin any longer and so we met never again for years.

The next girlfriend i had, it was the same, but we stayed longer together, because I like these intimate relations, you know… But she was boring me, and I liked my mates and the beer more than conversation with her, so she kicked me off. I was very glad about that. But then I realised, that I couldn´t f*** a glass of beer, so I began a relationship with the ex-girlfriend of my now-ex-best-friend.

This young, not even attractive or intelligent woman, was boring me plenty much more than the other girl, even more than all friends I had and now I don´t have any longer because I´m getting pissed off of any human relationship, except the physical…

So, I decided not to drink or use drugs any longer, have a f****** boring life like the other f****** boring suckers around me and got in a relationship with my ex-social-worker.

I think I love her (I hope so but I´m not sure because except of myself, I never loved anyone really, ask my mom). Or better: It must be love, or I´m not better than these f****** boring suckers around me!

This to confess was very hard for me but not at all that I regret but even more I´m not a native speaker of English.

And now at this moment I´m typing these lines instead of doing useful things I should do, like … hm … I don´t know