I work at a supermarket as a cashier, and i regularly make extra money by ripping people off (giving them the wrong change and whatnot). I find this easy because the people who shop there are uneducated and poor immigrants who barely even speak enlgish, let alone count money. I should feel bad about this, but i often find gratification in it, many times making it into a “game” of sorts, seeing how much i can steal in a day. I often make 10-30 dollars a day, taking anywhere from 25 cents to 50 dollars from people, all the time laughing because they are too dumb to notice. I have rather exorbinant plans on how to extract the extra money out of my till before i turn it in, as not to be seen by the cameras in the store. I have yet to be caught, although occationally a customer will return and say that there is something wrong, but by that time their money is long gone… sometimes i think my boss might be catching on, but she likes me alot, and dosen’t think I’m capable of such things. I get a robing hood kind of feel from the whole thing, taking money from government leeches and taking it back for myself and my family.