I have tons of confessions. This will probably be my first and only confession here, however.

My boyfriend of 3 years and I recently had a hugantic rough spot and broke up for awhile, then got back together.

This is the problem. When we were fixing to break up, I met so many people I wanted to have relationships with. I “fell in love” with at least 4, but fortunately for my morals and my boyfriend’s heart, I didn’t cheat. When we broke up, I didn’t want any of them any more, not even to be friends, because everybody in the universe annoyed the hell out of me. I put up a personals ad anyway, because I didn’t want to be alone in my misanthropy, but I hated everyone who replied to my ad. I found this site in what I think was its first beta stage and I read a confession from a person who I think might be my soulmate, but we’re not supposed to respond here, so I’m trying to put that out of mind. After a month of hating everyone, I started to miss my boyfriend, and wanted to go back to him, and cried myself sick for two weeks missing him, and eventually we came back together. I still love him, not as much as I did when we first became a couple, but I think with effort we can make it. I’ll try to keep my urges for other people to a minimum to make sure we don’t put another huge bloody rift into the heart of our relationship again. I still wish I could have met that soulmate, though.

Cheers for socially inept geeks!