I am fu**ing tired of this society and this place alltogether. I dont seem to find any meaning of this entire thing ( whereas, LIFE ) and I really cant see why the hell I should go to school for 20 years yo get some meanlingless, though well paid job for another 30 years, and then retire, and think back “what, is it all over allready?”. This entire thing – life – is really just like a hard workout that I cant wait to be done with. Still, I am way to curious about life to end it right here and right now, even though the thought has occured. Anyway, I`m tired of this thing now, and I’m going to bed, so that I wont be too sleepy the next, meaningless day, and so that I can get to do my even more meanlingless homework. Also, I got to go to a completely meaningless school ( sure, I learn something, but for WHAT? ), and pretend to be nice to all my retarded class-mates that are all fake, and dont think any further then until the next minute or so, or of how to get alcohol this perticular weekend. Anyway, my point is that I’ll explode some day, and it wont really bother me if anyone besides my self get hurt. I suppose thats why I never feel upset in funerals.