In 12th grade, I was in a program that met in the guidance office conference room once every week. In that room there was a computer with a program on it that we used to find out what kinds of jobs we would be suited for, but it was also linked into the school’s attendence and grading program. Well, the woman who ran the meetings used that program to find out which classes the other kids were in at that time of day. Towards the end of my senior year, she asked me if I would find the kids’ schedules for her, and then left the room for a while. I went into the grade reports, pulled up mine, and changed all my grades so that my lowest grade for my entire high school stint was a 90 out of 100. I probably should have graduated with a low B or C average, but instead, I now have a 3.96 and am attending the most prestigious catholic school in the nation, in Indiana. I don’t feel bad about changing my grades, because for each class I had taken in high school, I gave myself the grade I felt I could have earned, if I had asserted myself and actually tried. But whatever – if it was really wrong, I’m sure Karma will kick my ass