i have wanted for a very long time to get back together with my former boyfriend… it was the closest i had ever been to anyone and the best time i have ever had.it was the first time i had been able to say that i was willing to spend the rest of my life with a person ( i had many b-friends that had said it b4 and it scared me) but we broke up… lately he has wanted the relationship back, but iam seeing another guy (after months and months of realizing that me and the ex would never be able to be together again)
the new guy however is very odd, he randomly decides when we are dating or not, so in the time that he is mad i sleep with my ex… i should feel like a slut, but i dont… maybe some day the “current” will come around, and if not, then i know that i will have a veay “engaging” realationship with the old flame