i sorta have feelings for my best friend of about 2 and a half years… we tried going out for a while when we first met but it just didn’t work so we’ve been friends ever since but i’ve never let that flame go out, not through two other relationships. and i can’t bring myself around to telling her because we’re so close that there’s something vaguely incestuous about the thought of getting together again. that and i’m a chicken.

i dunno what to do… i’m going to spend a weekend at the beach with her and some of her friends and i know i’ll spend the whole time wishing she’d notice me. but she’s still getting over her ex so all i hear about is him. but i’m afraid that if i don’t move in someone else will come in, as has happened time and time before.

the worst part is she’s a total flirt and i never know if she’s serious or not. women.