There’s this fat kid in my class, he’s fat and really ugly, i don’t just mean ugly.. i mean “HI, i make the ELEPHANT MAN look hot” kinda person, you know what i’m talking about. Anyway this kid, is such a fag, he whines on about how shitty his life is and how he has never had a girlfriend before. While i do, and have had quite a few, i think he’s jealous, coz he always chats shit to me… not IN PERSON of course, nah, over the internet. And in college he’ll be like hugging the girls and shit – trying to make me jealous? because apparently i like their ugly asses. You know the type i’m talking about, the kinda guy who’s so fucking ugly the girls even can’t bring themselves to say hey: “get the fuck outta ma face asshole, your causing visual pollution for crying out loud.”

Fucking assclown i wish he’d die.