I give up. I’m fat, I can’t talk to people, nobody likes me, my clothes suck, my head hurts, I haven’t slept all night and I know I’m not going to sleep tonight either, I have way too much homework, I drive all the good guys away, I’m a virgin and I’m sick of being one, I have lots of unwanted hair on my body, I’m too lazy, I don’t have motivation, I don’t like my voice, I ruin all my realtionships, my mom can’t stand me, the boy I love seriously hates me and is miles and miles away, I think I have symptoms of scitzophrenia, and I really have to squint hard to see anything, so I probably need really thick glasses. It’s all true, and it’s not even a half of things bothering me. I’m a such a pathetic insecure procrastinating loser.