My [now ex] boyfriend had this ugly bitch of a friend & business associate that was ALWAYS trying to steal him away.. She even went so far as to book 1 hotel room for a business trip they had to attend..

anyway, at one point it got so bad, I would fantasize about running into her while she was being mugged/murdered. I would stand to the side, watching with glee… After the perp left, I would go over & kick her–to make sure she was dead.

His mother became a meddling nuisance too… he swore he was no “Mama’s Boy”, but he’s partly to blame for that; he must have inherited his big mouth from her..

Let’s just say those two “women” helped me become the expert that I am today with first-person shooter video games.

I do feel somewhat ashamed that I had such sinister thoughts, but I am not one to act on them (thank God for video games!!)