I was waiting for my family to pick me up at my apartment for a big family dinner, but they were coming late. So I sat in front of the TV and started to channel surf. I was quickly distracted by a Wild On episode with Brooke Burke wearing nothing but a bikini in the bahamas. After a few intense moments at staring at her perfect bare belly, I decided to whip out the old hand cream and pulled down my pants and began masturbating. It was pretty intense. I turned up the intensity trying to make sure that I came before the next commercial break. Then suddenly I heared the door jar wide open, and my entire family walked in my living room, with my hand stuck on my peter. There was an initial shock of surprise, but I knew I couldn’t stop, so I jizzed in front of my family. I ran back into the bathroom in front of their petrified faces, where I washed my hands and grabbed some toilet paper to clean up after myself.