I once left my best friend in a ditch and drove away because he looked at my girlfriend. I never saw him again.

I called up a woman whose husband had just died of cancer and breathed the word ‘cancer’ into the mouthpiece and hung up.

I lie about the amount of drugs I’ve taken, and lie that I don’t drink that much alcohol when really I’m practically an alcoholic.

I want to have anal sex with my wife but she is so frigid and uninterested in normal sex that I’m considering cheating on her.

I am addicted to internet porn.

I want to screw my sister in law, my friends wives and my female friends.

I have access to some of my friends email accounts and read them regularly, sometimes even changing the text in their sent mail and re-sending it, then going into the recipients mailbox and deleting the old mail. I substitute their normal words for expletives. I turns me on for some reason.

I do no work all day and spend all my hours surfing the internet.

A friend of my wife was a real bitch to me. I hacked her email account and set up a fake address using the name of an old boyfriend of hers and emailed her from it. She thinks I’m her old boyfriend and I have been pretending for the last 2 months that I’m him. Yesterday she admitted she is still in love with him/me. When she eventually finds out (if she bumps into him) it may drive her to suicide as she is emotionally unstable. I am not sorry. I hate her.

I spend far too much money on food and cigarettes.

I will probably be dead this time next year. I plan on hanging myself in the basement. I am a worthless piece of shit.

I have too many regrets and cannot shake guilt.

I hate most people.
Myself mostly.