15 and going to summer school sucked. That was until I saw another guy in my class. He was 17, tanned, with short blonde hair, and a perfectly defined body. His face shined with pure innocence, yet he had a bad boy demeanor about him ? making him even more attractive with all the girls.

Being another guy, the situation was not exactly easy. I secretly admired him but never had enough guts to say more then ?hey.? One day, while we were the only two waiting for our rides to show up, he came over and started talking to me. I was super nervous because I wanted him to like me so bad, but we found out we had a lot in common like playing in the same sports and listening to the same music.

Soon he was snubbing the circle of girls that always flocked him to walk over and talk with me instead. I felt so special for some reason. Because we lived so far away from each other we never got a chance to hangout for more then 15 minutes. So one morning I thought I?d ask him if he wanted a ride with me and we could go check out some parties that night.

When I got to school, he wasn?t there and only later did i find out he had moved away with his family when his dad got a new job. I never saw or heard of him again. I also never felt my heart feeling so crushed before. Chances are he was straight and nothing would have happened, but I would have taken a friendship over nothing.

I?m 19 now, and sometimes I wonder what it would be like if the world was perfect and we didn?t have to be afraid of what we really feel.