A couple of weeks ago, I had sex with a hooker in a motel room.

But that’s not my confession. She was lying on the bed, and I was sitting overtop her getting a blowjob when my guts began gurgling. I didn’t feel like stopping her. Pretty soon, I began blasting hot smelly diarrhea out my ass, all over the girl’s chest and abdomen. When my butt had finally finished purging its demons upon her, she looked like the winner at a mud-wrestling contest. It was nasty. She was pretty pissed and called me a freak, even tried to get more money out of it. I felt bad at the time.

But that’s not my confession. Secretly, I’ve since grown really “excited” when thinking about the experience. I’ve been fantasizing about pooping on other girls, even my girlfriend. I don’t think I’m a pervert.