My cousin was a bit slow.

I used to make fun of him reguarly and once told him that cats love to get kicked. He loved me so he ran around kicking shit out of his cat for like
an hour.

When his Mum caught him the cat was a dead, bloody mess and he had blood spattered up both his legs. His Mum decided that he was a danger to his
little sister and had him institutionalised.

He didn’t adjust well to the institution and few months later managed to crack his skull open running into a wall. This caused him to need a steel
plate in his head.

Due to a pretty major error on the surgeons behalf the plate wasnt put in flush against his skull and a fly managed to get under it and lay it’s eggs
in their. Over the next few months my cousins motor functions deteriorated and his language skills etc became practically nil. When they sent him for
a scan they found that there a multitude of maggots feasting on my cousins brain. He obviously died.

I live with the fact that I did this to him every day because I thought it was funny to taunt a spacker. I don’t sleep well at night.

I sometimes think that I’m the cabin boy on the ship to hell.