two of my friends broke up after a very serious three years. they still love each other. the girl and i messed around a bit sexually. a week after that she told me that we couldn’t develop a physical relationship together. she cited the converation that they (her and her ex(who is also my friend)) had earlier that week as the reason. they decided that it would be very harmful to both of them if either developed a physical relationship with someone from the group of friends that we are all a part of. i told her i agree with that, but i’m still dissapointed that we can’t have fun that way anymore. it was amazing between us; the best sex i’ve ever had. then her ex found out about what we happened between us. he sent her a three page email, but then apologized for sending it before she read it, asked her not to read it. even though he forgave her he is still upset at me. our group of friends is falling apart.