im a guy and i loved one my best girl-friend for years.. (she has also liked me but we live a bit far apart and we’re only teenagers who cant drive yet so a long distance relationship is hard) even when she was going out with this guy who was jealous of the relationship i had with her, she still liked me. anyways she recently told me that they had oral and phone sex. i was so shocked that i was shaking. my mind just couldnt take it because i never thought she was the kind of person to do that (shows how well i know her) i had to go drink some alcohol to calm my nerves.. and now wen i try to sleep i always get this mental image of her giving him a blowjob and i get so mad that i wanna punch holes in the wall. she calls me on the phone like everyday and its always on my mind and it pains me so much but i just bottle it all up because if i say wats on my mind, im afraid it’ll hurt her feelings. even tho now she has broken up with her bf (which means i may have a chance with her) i dont know if i should ever go thru with it.. coz shes always so emotional and it shits me alot.. but wen shes normal, we get along great.. its ALMOST as if we’re made for each other. now im just so confused about wether to try to make this go further. i messed up a chance to get with her b4.. and she has spoken abt giving me another chance in the future.. so if i dont take this one.. would she give me a 3rd chance?