today a coworker asked me out for coffee after our shift. i agreed, but only because i thought i had a sure-fire escape plan. i don’t like this person or coffee. i had to stop by my boss’ office after the shift and had assumed that i would just meet this person at the door. much to my surprise, he followed me to the office! so, while i was in the office, i had another coworker go out and tell this person we were “going to be a while.”

i do this sort of thing all the time. the last time this person asked me out for coffee i told him i’d wait for him while he finished up. then i left, called him from my cell phone in the parking lot and told him i just found out my best friend had died.

i’m a horrible, horrible person. i should just tell him i don’t like coffee!

alas, i think i enjoy the deception.