i like someone A LOT. i have no clue if he likes me in the sense that i like him. we’ve been out twice to the movies but i get the vibe that he means it only as friends. my mother thinks hes scared but that he does like me because of all the things he says that imply liking someone. i want to just come out and ask him “hey, how do you feel about me?” but i cant. i talk to him all the time and he makes me laugh and feel like i matter. i cant look at him in the eye because i start to get nervous and i start shaking. hes given me hugs, but nothing more. what do i do? take a chance? we are both moving to two different places miles away in a month. but that doesnt matter to me. i want to chance it, but should i ask him? i dont want him to turn away from me and feel weird….