When I was 13, I spent 16 hours a day playing Ultima Online. I get home from school at 3:00pm and play till 11:00pm. Then I ‘pretend’ to sleep for 1 hour. I then play from midnight till 5am. Sleep from 5am to 6am, sometimes playing till 6am. Then I went to school and repeated the process for a year. I became so emotionally attached to my character that I use to die when I cried and when other bad events happened to me I would throw stuff in my room. My parents took away my subscription and I managed to ‘guess’ an account name and password and use that for several months. And when they cancelled my internet, I found an account login/pw and number to use to connect to the internet. Needless to say they wound up with a $5,000 phone bill and that was the end of my Ultima Online gaming days. I still miss it.