When I first went to college, I had a girlfriend who was still in high school in our hometown about an hour away. One weekend she snuck to my dorm to spend the day with me, and we just had sex repeatedly for about 6 hours and then ordered out for pizza. My bed was under a wooden platform that my roommate and I had built to create the illusion of having more space than we actually did, and it was pitch dark under there all the time, unless you turned a little reading light on. The reading light had not been necessary this day, and after my girlfriend left, I turned it on so I could make up my bed. It looked like a cow had been slaughtered in there! She didn’t tell me that her ‘Aunt Flo’ had come with here to visit me. From the looks of it, not only had her Aunt Flo been to visit, but she was still in my bed! I guess my confession is, that rather than clean my sheets, I just threw them away and slept on a bare mattress with a comforter for 6 weeks, until the beginning of the next quarter. Then I stole a clean new set from the lobby area where they were giving them to new incoming freshmen.