Sometimes I hate my wife. Other times, I like her.

But I never have, and fear never will, love her.

She’s not the perfect one for me, I know that for sure. We got married too quickly, before I got to know her well enough. And she changed once we tied the knot.

But I come from a line of very faithful men, and I am determined to stand by her and be a good husband.

But sometimes she drives me mad. She has mood swings, she flips out at tiny things, and sometimes I feel she doesn’t really understand a lot of what I say to her.

But I will never tell anyone about my alienation and regrets at marrying her. NEVER. Telling a load of people anonymously on a website doesn’t count.

Think carefully before you get married. Don’t get so enchanted by the fairy tale that you fool yourself into thinking “She’s the one”.