My dad molested me when i was younger and i only started to remember when i was about 13. I wrote a friend about it once, and my father found it and wrote me a big long letter saying he never did anything like that. But, then told me i wasn’t aloud to come back.
I don’t really know how to deal with it. I’ve seen shrinks and people like that. I’ve been on medication for depression. But i can’t get rid of this anger.

Sometimes i stay up till early in the morning thinking of ways i could kill my father and get away with it. I know he did stuff to my older sister too. But all we have are a few distorted memories.Nothing we could really work with.
if i could kill him and get away with it… I would. In a heartbeat and never feel bad about it. i don’t know if thats wrong of me to feel that way or not…