I’ve been with this guy for almost five years. We’ve talked about marrige, and it seems close. But every once in a while I get this desire to call the whole thing off. Like its not worth all the trouble. We were high school sweet hearts, and I’ve never loved anyone else the way I love him. I get asked what am I doing to initiate change, and I can’t think of a damn thing. But after a really gushy romance novel, or a chick-flick, or two sickeningly in-love people in public I just want to either: run away and be with him(insert passionate catch phrase here), or tell him that I’ve thought it over and thanks but no thanks. He thinks I’m joking, because of all of the things I do by the book when it comes to our relationship, all of the ceremony I tend to hold a little too sacred, but I’m not joking. All of this time he’s waited because of my crappy little hang-ups, and he’s been so good to me that a person really could get sick thinking about it. I’m not saying he’s never been a total jerk, but on the whole this is the guy I want to go with into that big sideways eight. So why don’t I leave outdated ideals behind me? And why won’t I sleep with him?