one time my aunt (my dads sister) moved in with us, she was a knock out, she was like 28 I was 16 (male) in high school, one night when my parents were gone for the weekend, she seduced me, we had sex, she went down on me, I was in heaven, she was a master in bed, she was beautiful, my aunt. Time went by and so did our secret meetings when my parents werent home, when they were home she would act like nothing happened, but every once in a while she would give me a smile and a wink, or she would just simply walk by and give me a little squeeze on my crotch. she is now married and it has been 20 years, the other day she came to visit with her husband, and when no one was listening she asked me, do you remember those times?. I told her yes, she told me she could never forget them. I feel guilty, no one ever knew, she was my aunt, but what a beautiful aunt.