i am in love with my best friend. i think he knows i like him, but probably not to what extent. we are good friends without a doubt, but i can’t help getting frustrated all the time. i know its not his fault, but sometimes i can’t help hating him, because he wont like me the way i like him. the worst part is, he is always hurt whenever i am mean to him, because he cares for me so much as a friend, so then i apologize and act friendly again, only to have us once again grow close, and me fall even harder for him, and then get frustrated again. its a stupid viciously cycle, but sometimes i think i would be nothing and nowhere without him, so i wouldn’t dream of just cutting off our friendship. its awful, he has done nothing wrong, other than to be the person i want to spend my life with, but i constantly make him pay for my frustrations. sorry, i would stop if i knew how.