When I was married to my first wife, I was having a secret affair with her female boss. I was doing some computer work on the side for her boss in the evening. Eventually I would make excuses to go to her house to do tweaking. Her boss was much better in bed then my wife. She was the first woman to give me an orgasm thru oral sex. My wife always thought that oral was nasty. Sometimes I would do my wife, go over to her bosses house, get done there, and come home and do it with my wife again. My wife’s boss was very open, in fact at one point we thought about maybe trying to get my wife into a threesome, but it never happened. Eventually my wife and I got a divorce over other issues, and I have not seen her boss since then. Boy I really miss those hot quickies on the computer desk or in a bathroom stall with her. Sometimes I jerk off thinking of my ex-wife’s boss but never my ex-wife. In fact I have always tried to get into the sack with any of the female friends of my current girlfriends, until I married my second wife. Now I just can’t get enough of her. She gives good oral but she has never made me come like the boss.

Mrs W. I salute you for rocking my world and giving me something to daydream about.