i have but one REAL confession/secret. But it haunts me. I feel like my soul is rotting away, or at least SHOULD. when i was young, around 10, i didn’t have alot to do with women. I was willing, but i guess i wasn’t a classic prettyboy. And Being shy didn’t help any. I was over at my friends house. He had a (smart) brother who was younger then me. I was normaly curious, but hadn’t recieved almost any sexual contact. i kinda talked him into touching my penis… His brother has been my friend since kindergarden and i feel like shit. We lost touch at one point, and i tried to keep it that way. But my dumb ass started smokin ganja and my friend stoped by one night to catch up. I found out he smoked to, and even though i have tried, i can’t stop being his friend. We get along very well, and he holds our long term friendship close. I know i was young, stupid, and horny, but i actually look forward to hell. i deserve it.