i totaled my car today. i have never even been in so much as a fender bender but today i managed to run full force in to an suv stopped at a light and knocked it into another suv. teir cars have minor damage like the license plate fell off, but my car is gone…airbags went off. i dont even know how it happened except that i was really tired. i feel like an ass and my family (esp. my mom) are being extra nice to me and treating me like i am sick or something. i feel like everyone should hate me and i know my best friend wont ever trust me to drive ever again. i dont trust me again. ugh…i feel so irresponsible. plus i know this is going to make everyones life difficult and i am going to be someone’s burden and i cant stand that. also its going to cost a fortune to get another car and we dont have the money…i’m already in debt to my dad. UGH…i should be shot.